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DVD and Workbook: Included is a workbook with authorization to duplicate. A two-hour professional studio production mirroring the onsite presentation is also available. To Order: Send an email with the name of the school district and shipping address to drdobbert@gmail.com. $109.00(shipping and handling included).

School Bus Drivers: The First Line of Defense Against Sexual Predators.
"The Sexual Predator training by Dr. Duane Dobbert is an eye-opening experience, and absolutely a critical tool to protect children." - Jeff Stauring, Director of Transportation, Collier County, Florida School District.
*This training program is endorsed by the US Department of Homeland Security and First Observer as the national training initiative for pupil transportation personnel.
• Forensic Psychology
• Profiling and Prediction of Criminal Behavior
• Profiling of Sex Offenders
• School Violence: Identification, Prediction and Prevention
• Workplace Violence: Identification, Prediction and Prevention
• Child and Adolescent Behavior: Diagnostic and Intervention Strategies
• Juvenile Justice Programming and Administration
• Cost Effective Community Based Corrections
• Management by Objectives in Non-Profit Organizations
• Handling Difficult People with Skill and Tact
• Recidivism Prediction
• Grantsmanship
• Stress Management
• Assertiveness Training
• Motivational Speaking
Training Experience in excess of 100 Private and Public Sector Agencies
• Teachers and School Administrators • Law Enforcement Agencies • Sexual Assault and Mental Health Counselors • CEU’s, Mandatory Training Hours Available • Bar Association CEU's

Sexual Predator Training Programs for Other Professions